Our wedding party

Bridal Side:

Devon Dekle- Maid of Honor- sister

Kelly Dekle- Maid of Honor- sister

Elizabeth Arensberg- future sister-in-law

Catherine Arensberg- future sister-in-law

Missy Arensberg- future sister-in-law

Theresa Arensberg- future sister-in-law

Christine Arensberg- future sister-in-law

Louise Crow- friend of bride

Suzanne Donaghey-  friend of bride

Brandee Moore- friend of bride

Abby Weems- friend of bride

Groom Side-

Kyle Duncan- Best Man

JJ Arensberg- Brother

Thomas Arensberg- Brother

Brian Dekle Jr.- future brother-in-law

Cory Baker- friend of groom

Matthew Laird- friend of groom

Patrick Dolan- friend of groom

Sam Kearns-  friend of groom

Hays Zieman- friend of groom

Greg Dooley-  friend of groom

Alex Johnson- friend of groom

We know, it's a lot!

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